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LV Switchgear ASSOL – Electrification of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region


Electronmash starts the year with a large project for hydropower engineering segment of the north-west region. The production leader – LV switchgear Assol – will be assembled for cascade of Vuoksa hydroelectric power plant (HPP).

At the end of January 2013 Electronmash JSC embarked on manufacture of auxiliary power supply panel board rated for 1000 kVA for series of Vuoksa HPPs, which are part of TGK-1 (territorial generating company). The panelboard is branded as LV switchgear Assol which is not only known across north-west region but also near abroad.
By the time being Electronmash has delivered electric equipment to the generating sites in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. These are strategic objects such as Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 (thermal power plant) which is also included in TGK-1, Yugo-zapadnaya TPP, HPP in Karelia (part of ZAO "Nord Gidro” assets), and Leningradskaya NPP (nuclear power plant).

This project is of great importance for our company and for the north-west region in general as the generating companies form the foundation of power industry. Electronmash JSC is committed to actively participate in the process of development of electric power industry by means of provision of comprehensive and reliable electric equipment of high quality.

LV switchgears, manufactured by our company, have been in compliance with the most advanced requirements for more than ten years. To say figuratively, LV switchgear ASSOL has travelled through thick and thin and is presently considered to be a sophisticated product that was built on the basis of the thorough experience collected by high class engineering specialists.

Russia’s future is to be filled with light day and night. Generating companies form the foundation of electric power industry and we are proud to be contributing to the “light” future of Russia!

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